We Get Spots.

We’ll take it from here.

With Virtual Production Director, it’s like having a dedicated audio ad pro at your disposal.  But it’s more than that.  You get a team of award winning copywriters, 7 national voiceover artists, and audio producers who are at the forefront of their craft.  It’s like having your own in-house ad agency.  And all of this happens within 48 hours of receiving your copy points!

How does it sound?

How does it work?

The Virtual Production Director becomes your stations’ production department.  Your salespeople make a sale, submit copy points to us using our Create-A-Spot page, and 48 hours later you get an email with a link to your shiny new commercial.

OK, how much?
Virtual Production Director is affordable.  Monthly retainer rates are reasonable, and 
a la carte pricing is available.

From copy points to finished commercials, Virtual Production Director gets the job done...without coffee breaks.